How do I return an item?

Alaskan Pantry and its staff strive to offer our clients the highest quality customer service with each order. Our goal is to reduce the cost of everyday staple goods like milk and eggs to fresh produce to our clients. We take extreme care in packaging, selecting and shipping our products so they arrive in their destination in the best possible shape. Unfortunately, once the products leave our facility and enter into the USPS, the product is then at shippers risk and we cannot be held liable or responsible for damaged, thawed or frozen goods. Our customer service team can help our clients attempt to file claims with the USPS but the potential for complete loss and denied claims is high. We fervently implore our clients to choose the airfreight option for freeze, chill and produce items. There is little to no recourse for these items in the USPS system. Although the freight costs are lower in USPS, our clients ordering freeze, chill or produce are better served and have recourse with airfreight.